Caroline Hecht covers Hank William’s “Your Cheating Heart” – live and unrefined from the backyard


Here is another backyard take. Hank’s “Your Cheating Heart” has been a blast to play around with. What goes around comes around, baby!

The recording isn’t perfect folks. I’ve been trying to let go of that urge to polish everything, because it hinders me in sharing and also hides a shit ton of my soul. So here is me having fun and giving it away.

coal miner’s daughter (live and unrefined from the music room)


My goal: to share a musical creation, regardless of mistakes, less than perfect recording qualities, or other “flaws” and “imperfections” weekly; to let go of what I have believed to be my best, and roll with what’s got the heart. I am committed to showing the world who I am in all states of creation. I am revealing to you my mistakes, my humanness, and through that you get to see and hear my soul.

So today I played around with Loretta Lynn’s “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. When I hear this song I think of the old Safari Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island, where my friend Justine and I used to go on Sunday nights after getting out of work at Tealuxe. We’d sing, more like shout, this song in the dingy dive during karaoke, while squeezing each others hands violently. They’re good memories. And now I have more. Today I got to know this song from deeper depths, and holy moly, what a song! Here’s to the Safari Lounge, here’s to Justine, and here’s to Loretta.

Folsom Prison Blues (live and unrefined from the backyard)


On Wednesday, the first hot day since moving to Portland Oregon, I sat in my backyard and strummed my first guitar, a classical I bought from my friend Dana in tenth grade for a hundred bucks. Allergens were having their vicious way with my face and yet I couldn’t resist being outside singing and playing with the freeway and birds and neighborhood kids as my backing band. That’s when I had a revelation of the non religious sort. What if I just start sharing my home made musical creations, regardless of mistakes, less than perfect recording qualities, or other “flaws” and “imperfections”?

The moments that get me super pumped about my life are when I’m creating raw music. You know, the voice memos, the garageband demos, the recordings of the songs as they are growing into something, before professional production. That raw music is where it’s at. It’s all over the place. It’s gritty. It’s distorted. It’s low volume. It’s nonsense. It’s wrong chords. It’s wrong words. It’s wrong notes. It’s brilliant. It’s my soul. It’s unrefined. It’s me.

I’ve been really worried about only showing to the world what I have considered to be my very best. And now I am committed to showing the world who I am in all states of creation. I am revealing to you my mistakes, my humanness, and through that you get to see and hear my soul. And perhaps this is really my best. I’m sorry I’ve been hiding it from you for so long.


The Joys of Jazz

Bob Hecht (notice the last name) is curating and hosting his very own radio show, titled the Joys of Jazz. Hey so I get to brag about my Dad here for a few minutes.

When people ask me who my most affecting musical influences have been I go way back to what I was raised on; Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. My Dad is the culprit here of course. But, he didn’t just expose me repeatedly to these obvious gems but rather, through having committed his entire life of listening to delving into ALL realms and depths of Jazz, has given me, and everyone who comes within ear distance, a comprehensive jazz listening education. He is the jazz master connoisseur. So, now is when the rest of the world has the opportunity to come within ear shot of this man’s brilliance in stereo. Get a glimpse into what my childhood was like, and at the same time listen to some incredible music, interviews, and wise, wise commentary.

Stream the Joys of Jazz each Friday at 4 & 8pm, Sundays at 8pm, and for those late nighters and international listeners tune in at 4am on Saturdays. All PST. 1610am in Southern Marin / 1710am in San Rafael

It feels so good to be proud!


Great Music, Personality, and Venue

Last night I went to Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon and heard an old friend from Rhode Island play his incredible gritty Country/Blues/Americana. Joe Fletcher immediately and effortlessly entices the listener to pay close attention to his strong lyrical storytelling and inspires feet and legs to do weird things. I’d like to think that while Joe lays it all out there for us that his personal hero, George Jones, is up there throwing ’em back with his haughty stamp of approval.

I highly recommend making it out to hear Joe Fletcher play his gripping torments, and luckily for you you will most likely be able to find him in your town at some point. The man is a well oiled touring machine.

Do yourself a favor in the meantime and buy his latest record, White Lighter to get you through. You will want to know the songs for the bar stool stomping sing alongs.

It was warming and comforting to see such a big piece of Rhode Island out here in this new place, and totally inspiring to hear Joe’s incredible songs. The sound was amazing at Mississippi Studios along with the lighting, drinks, service, and overall warm vibe. I can’t wait to play a show there.


A Gift

Portland, Oregon, I have arrived! I am here now, in this beautiful place, with these inspiring people, and am creating my dream to make music that completes me and to share it with the world. I have discovered my profound dedication to myself and what makes me happy and I am ecstatic to be taking on my own limitless self. If anyone wishes to extend their own talents I am looking for a passionate manager and/or label, both with requirements of dedication and belief in me and in my music. I have realized that asking for help is a gift to everyone involved. And so I ask.


Down to my last few weeks in Providence. Wow.

Last weekend I played what I believe to have been my last show in Providence for some time and as I looked over at my musical partner, Eric D, rocking out on his upright bass, I had to fight back my soon-to-be abundant tears.  Why leave a place when there is so much love and success there?  Why mess with something so good?  Well, I guess I’ve just gotten a little too comfortable.  Not to say that I don’t completely relish in comfort, I do, I’m a Pisces, but I’ve been feeling this need to shake it up a bit and to put myself on some different stages, in front of some different ears.  I’ve been hideously hiding behind the responsibilities of being an adult, of paying bills, of having things, instead of chasing my own dreams.  It’s easier for me to work for other people than it is for myself and this is something I have always known about myself and have been working on for a long time.  Despite my efforts to simultaneously work for other people and to pursue my musical passions I just have not been putting enough effort into ME!  So a few months ago I decided that it’s time to REALLY face that challenge and I am doing so by quitting my jobs, being broke, and traveling around like a vagabond hippie, playing music for anyone who will listen.  This definitely puts me out of my comfort zone, but I guess that’s the point.  It’s time to work for myself, so that’s why I’m doing this.  Plus, I think it’s going to be pretty fun.

I am extremely proud of my second album, Swallowed by Swells, which was released just last weekend at the sentimental show I mentioned above.  It is a ten song album that features Eric D on upright bass, Rebekah Zdunich on drums, and yours truly singing and playing guitar and banjo.  Eric and I co-produced the album, as we did our first, Avenue of the Giants, which we released in 2012.  If you’ve been to one of our shows of late you will most likely recognize the majority of the songs on Swallowed by Swells, although of course we couldn’t resist sprucing them up with some vocal harmonies and mood enhancing melodies.  You can purchase both records digitally here:  We hope you like it!!!