coal miner’s daughter (live and unrefined from the music room)


My goal: to share a musical creation, regardless of mistakes, less than perfect recording qualities, or other “flaws” and “imperfections” weekly; to let go of what I have believed to be my best, and roll with what’s got the heart. I am committed to showing the world who I am in all states of creation. I am revealing to you my mistakes, my humanness, and through that you get to see and hear my soul.

So today I played around with Loretta Lynn’s “Coal Miner’s Daughter”. When I hear this song I think of the old Safari Lounge in Providence, Rhode Island, where my friend Justine and I used to go on Sunday nights after getting out of work at Tealuxe. We’d sing, more like shout, this song in the dingy dive during karaoke, while squeezing each others hands violently. They’re good memories. And now I have more. Today I got to know this song from deeper depths, and holy moly, what a song! Here’s to the Safari Lounge, here’s to Justine, and here’s to Loretta.

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