Come Cold

I feel the winter growing underneath my skin I’m on the ice and knowing that it’s getting thin and if I move if I stir if I breathe life will come and take itself away from me – beneath my feet the river’s flowing back to the sea I feel its pull to crack the ice and swallow and take me but maybe the cold will come and freeze again only the cold can help me get safely back to land – so come cold come cold only the cold can save me – there’s nothing but the wild wild elements out here they’re taunting me and teasing me and daring me not feel fear would my life be their victory or would my death cause some to mourn for me – I’m holding a rare gift in my hand to die from nature and not from man even if I’m swept away I feel that this is love nothing but the natural forces around me below and above – so come cold come cold only the cold can save me 


All lyrics and content copyright © Caroline Hecht

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