Folsom Prison Blues (live and unrefined from the backyard)


On Wednesday, the first hot day since moving to Portland Oregon, I sat in my backyard and strummed my first guitar, a classical I bought from my friend Dana in tenth grade for a hundred bucks. Allergens were having their vicious way with my face and yet I couldn’t resist being outside singing and playing with the freeway and birds and neighborhood kids as my backing band. That’s when I had a revelation of the non religious sort. What if I just start sharing my home made musical creations, regardless of mistakes, less than perfect recording qualities, or other “flaws” and “imperfections”?

The moments that get me super pumped about my life are when I’m creating raw music. You know, the voice memos, the garageband demos, the recordings of the songs as they are growing into something, before professional production. That raw music is where it’s at. It’s all over the place. It’s gritty. It’s distorted. It’s low volume. It’s nonsense. It’s wrong chords. It’s wrong words. It’s wrong notes. It’s brilliant. It’s my soul. It’s unrefined. It’s me.

I’ve been really worried about only showing to the world what I have considered to be my very best. And now I am committed to showing the world who I am in all states of creation. I am revealing to you my mistakes, my humanness, and through that you get to see and hear my soul. And perhaps this is really my best. I’m sorry I’ve been hiding it from you for so long.