Caroline Hecht covers Hank William’s “Your Cheating Heart” – live and unrefined from the backyard


Here is another backyard take. Hank’s “Your Cheating Heart” has been a blast to play around with. What goes around comes around, baby!

The recording isn’t perfect folks. I’ve been trying to let go of that urge to polish everything, because it hinders me in sharing and also hides a shit ton of my soul. So here is me having fun and giving it away.

A Gift

Portland, Oregon, I have arrived! I am here now, in this beautiful place, with these inspiring people, and am creating my dream to make music that completes me and to share it with the world. I have discovered my profound dedication to myself and what makes me happy and I am ecstatic to be taking on my own limitless self. If anyone wishes to extend their own talents I am looking for a passionate manager and/or label, both with requirements of dedication and belief in me and in my music. I have realized that asking for help is a gift to everyone involved. And so I ask.