Great Music, Personality, and Venue

Last night I went to Mississippi Studios in Portland, Oregon and heard an old friend from Rhode Island play his incredible gritty Country/Blues/Americana. Joe Fletcher immediately and effortlessly entices the listener to pay close attention to his strong lyrical storytelling and inspires feet and legs to do weird things. I’d like to think that while Joe lays it all out there for us that his personal hero, George Jones, is up there throwing ’em back with his haughty stamp of approval.

I highly recommend making it out to hear Joe Fletcher play his gripping torments, and luckily for you you will most likely be able to find him in your town at some point. The man is a well oiled touring machine.

Do yourself a favor in the meantime and buy his latest record, White Lighter to get you through. You will want to know the songs for the bar stool stomping sing alongs.

It was warming and comforting to see such a big piece of Rhode Island out here in this new place, and totally inspiring to hear Joe’s incredible songs. The sound was amazing at Mississippi Studios along with the lighting, drinks, service, and overall warm vibe. I can’t wait to play a show there.